Survey Platform

e-valuate-IT®, our award winning online survey tool, provides the ideal platform for almost any type of research or survey project. It is fully customisable with a range of flexible question types, ideal for 360-degree Feedback and Peer Reviews, Employee Feedback, Customer Surveys, Needs Assessment, Classroom style evaluation, Social research and much more.


e-valuate-IT® is also available for you to self-manage your own survey activity.

Flexible Survey Options e-valuate-IT® supports almost any type of survey, as content is fully customisable, with a range of flexible question types

Intuitive Survey Management – Our flexible survey management features make online implementation simple, reliable and easy

Report Wizard and Designer – Select pre-defined real-time reports or create your own real-time report with full customisation and three-level cross-tabulation and data filtering

Qualitative Results – Written comments are easily coded and clustered by codes and attributes. Codes are readily accessible and can be changed at any time. Visual displays of summary data, pie and bar charts communicate qualitative information concisely and accompany a verbatim list of responses which can be further cross-tabulated

Secure Platform e-valuate-IT® operates on a dedicated Server that sits behind a secure firewall, and is housed in a secure environmentally controlled data centre with back-up power facilities and fire suppression protection. Access to the data-centre is strictly controlled by an electronic security and access control system

Download e-valuate-IT® Capability brochure (546 KB)
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