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Evaluation Development, awarded for the e-valuate-IT® online tool, in recognition of outstanding contribution to Evaluation policy, system, framework or methodology


Associate Professor Leonard Webster, Monash University
Educational Development and Flexible Learning
Faculty of Law
In a changing and increasingly complex world, evaluators, quality developers, project planners and managers require customisable survey approaches and instruments that are innovative, flexible, and provide real time, on demand information.

e-valuate-IT ® is one such instrument and is a recognised leader in survey instrument design and development.

It enables the flexible design of online surveys combined with powerful reporting features – all available in real time. e-valuate-IT® is a fully contained and complete package offering those who use it an integrated web-based evaluation environment. Further, the fact that this software is underpinned by values and theories of best practice in evaluation techniques is evident to all who use it.

In both government and commercial projects of varying sizes and formality, the use of e-valuate-IT® has been impressive. Final report flexibility and presentation are just some of the features that will appeal to both the experienced and less experienced evaluator or quality developer.

I commend e-valuate-IT® to you with confidence that it will quickly become one of your most valued software tools.

- Foreword, e-valuate-IT® Handbook of Strategic Online Transactions

Professor Roger Kaufman, Florida State University
Professor Emeritus
Office for Needs Assessment & Planning
Educational Psychology and Learning Systems

Evaluation is both powerful and simple.

It is powerful because it allows you to ask and answer those questions that are important for you in order to decide what is working and what is not. It is simple for the same reasons; done correctly it can provide straightforward and timely data for sensible and sensitive decision making.

This handbook tells you in a practical manner how to ask and answer the right questions, structure the vehicles for data collection, and then how to collect data so that assessment may be made. It provides the steps for sensible evaluation and provides the platform for collecting and reducing the data. Then, using this approach the collected data may be provided for answering those questions you had in the first place.

Following what is here is simple and powerful. It provides a unique and proven vehicle for defining your own success.

- Introduction, e-valuate-IT® Handbook of Strategic Online Transactions

Dr Madeline Fernbach, Equity Research Centre
Executive Director
I’d like to acknowledge the generosity of Evaluation Solutions in allowing us to use e-valuate-IT ®, an internet-based questionnaire design, implementation and analysis tool for the distribution of questionnaires. This was an important tool for the review of the Advance Resources for the Department for Victorian Communities.
Have a look at their website if the idea of painless evaluation interests you. e-valuate-IT®.
- Newsletter, Fair Go September 2005

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