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At Evaluation Solutions, we find that the best solutions come from sharing ideas and working in genuine partnership with our clients. Often, our clients know what they want to find out, but don’t know what questions to ask, or how to go about it.

We always start a project by asking lots of questions:
  • What do you want to find out? Why?
  • Who else has an interest in the research?
  • What do you want to do with the information collected?
  • Who are the people who can answer your questions?
  • When do you need to have the information?
  • What previous research exists (what worked and what didn’t)?
  • What strategic organisational documents or frameworks exist in this space?
  • How will the results be communicated back to staff and stakeholders?
We also share our ideas, knowledge and experience, to design a project that will meet your objectives and deliver the required outcomes in a practical, efficient and effective way.


We are committed to:

  • Working in partnership with our clients
  • Robust solutions based on best practice
  • Innovative, practical and flexible solutions
  • Fair and unbiased independent research
  • Honest and straight-forward communications
  • Delivering on our promises


Our consulting team is led by Evaluation Solutions’ co-owners Melissa Prichard and Barry Gibson, who are supported by a group of talented project staff and fieldworkers.
Melissa Prichard BSc, DipEd
Managing Director / Principal Consultant
Melissa has a wide range of experience in organisational development including organisational culture, 360-degree feedback and corporate staff surveys, as well as surveys for social research and program evaluation. Her program evaluation activities have included evaluation of learning, and community and stakeholder engagement. Melissa is an experienced facilitator and presenter, and takes a participatory approach in working with clients, with a focus on capacity building. Melissa also has extensive experience in managing complex project implementations, and designing custom survey and reporting solutions to meet client objectives.
Melissa is a member of the Australasian Evaluation Society (AES), and International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Australasia.
Barry Gibson
Technical Director

Barry Gibson manages the design and development of the online survey system, e-valuate-IT® and our suite of analysis and reporting tools. Barry has extensive experience in delivering complex project implementations, project extranet and survey portals, and provides custom technical development to produce a wide range of unique and innovative solutions beyond the parameters of the existing survey/reporting tools.  Barry has created custom solutions to support complex survey workflows for clients including the Exhibition and Event Association Australasia, International AIDS Society, and University of Technology Sydney’s Centre for the Study of Choice. He has extensive experience in delivering custom online applications and integration of IT systems.

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