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Whatever your survey needs, we are confident that we can assist you. We haven’t yet come across a survey that’s too complicated or difficult! And, as our clients will testify, we will go the extra mile to ensure the success of your project.

Our survey methods include online, phone, mail and door-to-door. We also conduct focus groups and facilitate workshops.

Our services include:

Organisational Research (Staff Surveys)

Organisational surveys include:
- 360-degree feedback
- Organisational culture
- Staff surveys (Diversity, Change Management, Employee Satisfaction, Engagement)
- Training needs analysis
- Board performance evaluation

Stakeholder Surveys
(including Customers and Community)

Stakeholder surveys include:
- Stakeholder consultation
- Evaluation of Stakeholder Engagement
- Evaluation of Relationship Quality
- Service Provider Satisfaction
- Stakeholder ballots/referendums

Customised Surveys

We are specialists in
- Multi-lingual surveys
- Complex and dynamic survey logic
- Online portals to manage survey workflow
- Data collection portals for monitoring & evaluation

Data analysis and reporting

In addition to facilitating end-to-end survey projects, we are also happy to assist with specific components to help you achieve your objectives. This includes:
- Development of metrics, KPIs and measurement frameworks
- Data-base management and cleaning
- Analysis and reporting of existing data
- Analysis of qualitative data (theming, coding, presentation of comments)
Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find out whether we can assist you and your organisation.
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