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e-valuate-IT®, our award winning online survey tool, provides the ideal platform for almost any type of research or survey project. It is fully customisable with a range of flexible question types, ideal for 360-degree Feedback and Peer Reviews, Employee Feedback, Customer Surveys, Needs Assessment, Classroom style evaluation, Social research and much more.

Since we own and operate our own online survey system, e-valuate-IT®, our technical team are able to design and implement almost any customised data collection system you can think of. And because we build this on our existing platform, we can provide a rapid deployment service, reducing the cost and time to implement.

Custom Surveys and Reporting Systems

We provide a wide range of customised and specialised report outputs, survey interface and survey forms to meet your requirements.

  • Custom reports

  • Benchmarking

  • Aggregation of multiple survey reports

  • Foreign language surveys, e.g., Arabic, Italian, Spanish and French.

  • Online multi-rater allocation system

  • Survey traffic counter for unique hits
  • Central interface for respondents to complete multiple surveys

  • Respondent survey portal to manage multiple surveys

  • Respondent sampling across multiple surveys and groups
  • Input and export of member redemption codes


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