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Building leadership capabilities that drives performance is a key issue facing organisations.

Our key to success is a strategic approach. We help develop a Leadership Framework, using our generic set of competencies which are then aligned to organisational goals. We also work with existing Leadership frameworks.

Evaluation Solutions continues to receive positive feedback about our 360-degree Feedback reports, which provide great benefit to recipients through personal commentary and in-depth analysis. Our commitment to adding value to the 360-degree feedback process sets our work apart from the automated and generic reports of most online service providers.

About 360-degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is a process of collecting perceptions about a person’s performance from their managers, direct reports, colleagues, team members, and internal and external customers.


Evaluation Solutions' 360-degree Feedback service can benefit organisations at individual, team and enterprise levels.

Individual Team Enterprise
Self awareness of others perception
Opportunity to provide feedback
Pathway for improved performance
Demonstrated competence to others Opportunity for greater openness Pathway for career development
Identification of one's strengths Opportunity to improve teamwork Culture of feedback - in action!
Focus for one's own development Opportunity to influence team culture Reinforces corporate goals

Online service

Evaluation Solutions 360-degree online implementation service provides effective and reliable outcomes:

Online Efficiency Online Process Online Portal
Higher efficiencies from the online environment and lower overall cost.

Multi-user license that enables security access by project team.

Rapid survey feedback in a predictable timeframe.

360 Degree feedback is collected and reported using our award-winning online survey management and reporting tool, e-valuate-IT®.

Integrated step-by-step process, with automated email notification and reminders, advanced survey tracking, and real-time data access.
Evaluation Solutions online portal facilitates project task management, including:

* Collection of rater lists from respondents

* Booking feedback sessions

* Provision of project information

* General communication with participants and raters

* Access to custom reports and benchmarking data
Feedback model

e-valuate-IT® is a proven system delivering an intuitive and easy to use 360-degree survey solution:

  1. Leadership Framework is based on leadership competencies and alignment with organization goals and objectives
  2. Feedback questions and online communications are customized to suit the organization and respondents
  3. Purpose and process is communicated with participants and raters
  4. Raters are assigned according to rules and criteria set by the organization and/or self-selected online
  5. Feedback is implemented via our online system and automated reminders
  6. Reports are generated for individual and groups
  7. Reports are provided to individuals and debrief sessions help them interpret the findings
  8. Follow-up action plans are prepared by individuals together with their managers
  9. Professional Development programs, including mentoring and coaching, are implemented

Fig 1. 360-degree Process

The e-valuate-IT® survey process has been rigorously tested, and is seamless and fully integrated, so you can be sure that report outputs accurately reflect tamper-proof response data.


Evaluation Solutions reports are prepared to meet your requirements using our 360-degree report templates, enabling summary tables, bar and pie charts, cross-tabulation, filtering (by response or attribute/ demographic), and gap comparisons.

Fig 2. Sample Report outputs


Evaluation Solutions consultants are experienced in self-reflection techniques and conduct debrief sessions in a sensitive and supportive manner. Our facilitation process is respectful, non-judgmental and confidential. Feedback meetings can be heart-felt and personal. Our consultants are skilled in balancing perspectives and help participants focus on the future. We facilitate sessions for our consultants prior to each round of interviews to maintain standards, ensure consistency and a common focus.

The feedback meeting works through the 360-degree report with each individual, providing feedback about how consistently the values, skills and characteristics of the Leadership Framework have been demonstrated. In addition the meeting enables an opportunity for self-reflection, improvement and increased self-awareness.

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