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The Workplace Gender Equality Agency administers the WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation. Applications to be awarded the citation close each year on 30 September.

One element of the application process requires organisations to achieve a minimum level of employee agreement in relation to 3 gender equity survey questions, and to report their results.

Organisations may determine the most appropriate method for collecting this data, which may include administering a pulse survey or incorporating the questions into an existing survey.

There is still time to collect the information you require via an employee pulse survey, so contact us today. Analysis of the three required questions can be provided within 3 days of the survey close.

We can help you with the following levels of service
Pulse survey of all staff, collecting data on the three questions required by WGEA to apply for the Employer of Choice for Gender Equity citation.
Our service includes:
  • Set-up the online survey with required questions and response scale
  • Add your communication messages and logo
  • Ensure full anonymity for respondents, as required by the WGEA
  • Upload your staff email list and send an invitation email and two reminders
  • Provide an online tracking page to monitor response rates
  • Collect rating responses plus gender and age variables
  • Provide a report of organisation-level responses, as well as split by gender and age categories
In addition, you may wish to
  • Use our extended Diversity & Inclusion survey, that includes the WGEA questions and additional items to elicit further insights into employees’ experiences and perceptions
  • Add comments questions and analyse and report back on the themes arising (e.g. to gather feedback on what is working and what could be improved)
  • Add your own additional questions around Diversity and Inclusion, e.g. related to your corporate KPIs, or to gather additional insights
  • Add additional organisational variables such as department or job category, to enable you to drill down in other areas, and report on these categories
  • Have us analyse and report back on the themes arising in comments
If you prefer not to survey all staff, the WGEA guidelines require that the survey is administered to “a statistically significant and representative sample of workers”. Keep in mind that you still need to obtain 400 responses from a sample that is representative in terms of gender and age, therefore this option is more applicable for larger employers.
  • We can select a random stratified sample of your organisation, based on gender and age (the criteria indicated by WGEA).


Contact us today to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation.

* Please note: we are able to assist you by administering a pulse survey which includes the questions required by the WGEA. We cannot guarantee the achievement of a particular survey response rate, nor can we guarantee that the survey results obtained for your organisation will meet the minimum performance levels required by the WGEA (i.e. an agreement threshold of at least 65% ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ on each of the three required questions).

Evaluation Solutions has no affiliation with the WGEA. We are offering to facilitate an online pulse survey to collect information that organisations may require, using the questions specified in the WGEA criteria guide.

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